GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Benefactor Intro

Early morning hours of a sun drenched winter’s day saw the events of a strange sort play out. The individual members of what might one day be called a “super team” acted of their own accord moving about High Park to slowly gravitate toward a common goal. The newly donated Atrium by one Charles Tucker Masonforthas well as the spectacular addition of a angelic statue of his late wife Diana began the search for a hidden find. A skulking hologram of Leo H. Danforth and two hidden inter-dimensional “packages” set the upcoming stage for an all out assault by the Content Not Found: 929

The events of this day and the contents of these strange boxes would serve to inform the members of this newborn group that they indeed are not merely random people with these abilities for personal gain. Wether or not they are truly foretold seems very far fetched and truth is never that unobscured by consequences. Following the leads of one missing author and one very mysterious woman from a Dark Dimension the group sucessfully remove one vital scanner type object narrowly avoid a confrontation with a very “adaptable” foe.

The team now has a mission and a all too real deadline of 30 days to save the world from the bleeding over of what can only be considered as “Hell” itself.


GMSmitty GMSmitty

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