GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Douglas and Tammy aka Achaia and Saphire Tiger on the case

Sapphire Tiger: I woke up to receive a call from a nurse that works at Duskwood that the human child Tommy was kidnapped by a “man dressed in black”. (Gggrr… harming a child? Human or otherwise… pisses me off!) Then Achaiah called me via “Soul link”. (She really needs learn to how to identify herself.) She told me that she got a black box, like the two we found a few days earlier. When I got to her place we opened it, there was a crystal which sucked in her costume and messed up her mind (she talks to furniture?).

Anyways… we drove to Duskwood to talk to the nurse and review the surveillence tapes of the kidnapping. I heard the nurse talk to someone on the phone about “Brian McArdle”. I told Achaiah we had to leave, and on the way out he “Brian McArdle” tried to hit us with a car (like it would hit me?). Later we found the car abandoned down the road. We searched it and found some business cards in it, a handgun a suitcase with some clothing and strange “scorch” markings on the driver’s seat and driver’s side window.

That same night myself and Achaiah snuck in to Duskwood to investigate the scene. Achaiah found a scent, and tracked it to an abandon warehouse in SE Toronto. That is when we encountered the “man in black”. He can control the shadows. He pissed me off, so I gave him “a boot for that ass”. Then Tommy teleported him into his own trap (I have to keep a close eye on Tommy). I picked up a cell phone that he had left behind and the number 555-1104 appears once again.

After I calmed Tommy (ok myself) down, Achaiah, Tommy and I went back to her place with Tommy to sleep…


GMSmitty GMSmitty

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