GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Episode 2 "Smile! Your on CCTC"

A week has passed since the incident at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and it is now Saturday, January the 26th. The better part of the week the media’s major frequencies were “hi-jacked” and a message from a man in a ski-mask atop the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building was being transmitted 24 Hours a day. Baffled as to how this individual gained access to highly encrypted Satellite link-up’s the media made several attempts to override the controls. It wasn’t until Wednesday of that week that they messaged stopped playing. Claiming the be the missing Author Leo H. Danforth the message seems to be intended for the “Masked Heroes” who intervened to save the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and disarm the man with the bomb in his body. Toronto Police are actively searching for any clues or hints or anonymous tips as to who these people might be. The last part of the message is a riddle as it seems to state “new ears at the back of the angel’s wings upon “High” ” Seems like a code but for whom? Perhaps it eludes to the location of something important.


GMSmitty GMSmitty

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