GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Issues 5-6 Recap

Opposites sometimes attract and as this new day brings the promise of a large amount of snow in a few hours, Chris (Cosmos) and Val meet up in the kitchen over a glass of chocolate but there was nothing “hot” about it. Val seems to be a bit under rested and Chris seems to be checking out Val in a “new way”. Shrugging off their mutual lack of bonding the two begin to make plans. Val has a “strange vision” off of the business card that she found in the black sedan’s glove compartment. She sees a middle-aged Black male secured somehow to a strange metal chair near the back of a darkened warehouse and an open window shows snow starting to fall. Relaying this information to Chris and with the power of Avalon and Google the pair formulate a possible location. Q-B having a rough start after her new “portal” ability gave her a free trip to the coffee table in the middle of the night joined the pair in the kitchen. She told them she had to return to Toronto to check on her cats, fish, toads and the state of her residence in general. Suiting up and “Getting a New Look” Chris’s symbiote decided to stay inside and opted to just bulk up Chris enough to give him a much older appearance. Val zipping up a bodysuit with a ring type zipper prepared for their free trip. They had a brief chat with Q-B who than opened up a glowing water type portal for them to pass through. She assured them that she would have to enter it as well before it would close on her end…no pun intended.

Arriving in the yard of Q-B’s house, Val and Cosmos found Cosmos’s motorbike where he had left it and used it to make their way to Kings Cross Street and the abandoned warehouse from Val’s vision. Once there as they passed by the front of the warehouse, Val spotted strange floating “pilons” that seemed to be some type of security perimeter. Stowing Cosmos’s motorbike out of site in a alley a few buildings away the pair made their way back to the abandoned warehouse and after a quick scan by Avalon revealed them to be city property and they are there to warn trespassers that this building is condemned as well as take a visual “snapshot” of any people who pass their boundary. Thinking better of this Cosmos and Val move to the side of the building. Val goes around to investigate the other side when the first set of windows proves to not spark her memory as to the same in the vision earlier that day. Cosmos flying up to look through the dirty windows was able to see only a white envelope. Calling Val over she was able to fit into this window opening and drop down inside. Summoning Pulse who had opted to leave Q-B’s Blackberry for Cosmos’s PSP he observed a strange crimson energy around the envelope and warned the others that it was “Pheromones” by his best guesstimation and to stay clear. They proved to be similar in the case that women are unaffected by them. Val retrieved the enevelope with the faint red energy “C” on the front.

Starting to leave the warehouse, Pulse over stepped his exit and the ensuing chain reactions caused the entire building to collapse. Narrowly escaping uncertain survival thanks to the quick response of Cosmos to save him, Pulse was able to get clear. Val having taken the “direct approach” and leaping up to the roof of a building across the street used Avalon’s holo-map to guide them out. Cosmos and Pulse clearing the debris and the trio returned to the alley where the motor-bike was stashed and while beginning her closer inspection of the area Cosmos healed Pulse who opted to stowaway in his telepathic disc for the time being. They began their own search two buildings away from Val who discovered a strange music coming from the rooftop of a nearby building. Following to investiage, Val was quickly subdued by the sound and led away to be taken to a small upstairs, loft type room and to meet her captor. Appearing first to be a red haired man in a dark green and white costume similar to Pulse’s he explained that he was only holding her for someone else. Working away at multiple keyboards and viewing what looked like strange runic symbols on many different flat screen monitors. Returning to mock Val “closer” He revealed his true idenity, Brian McArdle.

Cosmos having lost sight of Val, not ble to raise her on telepathy asked Pulse to rejoin him in the un-virtual world and begin his search. Tracking the barely visable footfalls that Val left they arrived on the roof top of snow covered building with Val’s and another person’s tracks leading inside the slightly open door. Entering first Chris was making his way down the stairs only to unexpectantly move into a area affected by the strange pheromones and upon making visual contact with a masked Japanese woman he was unable to resist her command “Kill Pulse” Obviously the expression on Cosmos face was enough to send Pulse fleeing the other way and a chase ensued with this strange woman following behind to keep in range of her new “puppet”. Pulse was able to keep one step ahead of Cosmos but not animated trash can man that almost succeeded in stopping Pulse’s escape. That was short lived however when finally Cosmos caught up to him at the bottom of a stairwell after a nother “near miss” Pulse and Cosmos both ended up being taken prisoner by the Japanese woman who used a strange amulet to improve her “pick up lines” and drag a now paralyzed and un-symbioted Chris as well as an unconscious Pulse via the Sewers to a familiar upstairs loft.

Val was not sucessful in her attempts to escape before Brian aka “Shamrock” used his probability and luck control to diminish her chances of escape. He seemed willing to undo her restraints and settling things more “one on one” but orders are orders. Returning to the loft with Chris now also bound and placed near Val the two exchanged “bickers” while the Japanese woman started her own argument with Brian and they both agreed that they didn’t like each other. Pulse who was left in a different room across the hall awoke to the sound of petty arguing in his mind and intervened. Checking Val’s restraints the Japanese woman retied the bindings. There seem to be some “Big Boss” figure that these two were waiting for or working for. There was some hope revived when Pulse now awake might be able to free everyone but he wasn’t able to last in a battle with Shamrock and the Japanese woman after a failed lighting attack gave him being awake away. Using telepathy Chris was able to contact Q-B and explain their “situation” unsure if he should risk her coming here via portal and into a potential trap. The planning was also short lived when both Val and Chris were knocked out…


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