GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Musings of a Fallen Player

lol This is the account of Joshua a one-shot member of the game

Issue # 1 Recap

First Day on the Job

Waking up from the Dream of a Strange Man floating in front of a tall building in Toronto. Daedelus and others quickly assertain the building’s identity, a government building, and investigate on their own time

Suiting up, and shipping out Three Heroes quickly found themselves, using tech, ability, and lies respectively ontop of said building, and the other three in a coffee shop below.

The Heroes on top of the building, quickly observe a planar gate, being shut by a mirror faced, star bodies, something, and then being told to get to the 21st floor, NOW. As this was happening a Bionicly invaded man charged the front gates of the building, protected by an inordinate amount of guards who failed to stop him due to crazy future forcefield tech.

All of the Heroes rushed the madman’s floor, and promptly meet each other, with ensuing hilarity. Quickly finding themselves on the floor above the bombman, the heroes rescued some office workers and quickly set about gathering information about themselves and what was happening.

The bomberman obvious has experimental/alien tech wired throughout his body. Various people, including the bomberman was found to be a almost hypnotic daze, a new experimental grenade was found to be about to be used. And the grump using it appears to some to be an android.

Eventrully with the police and automatic bomb systems activation and forcing things. Singularity jumped out the window, and tackled the android’s ship getting zapped in the process, but removing the ship at least. floating off into the atmostphere


GMSmitty GMSmitty

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