GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*

Recap of Issues 3-4

Days seem to pass like weeks now for this collection of empowered “super people” Monday would begin anything but ordinary for Val who went to sleep on Achaiah’s sofa only to wake up with Tommy back in his bunk in Duskwood. Some quick stealth moves and she was able to avoid a precarious situation. Sarah received a mysterious phone call from a man claiming to need her “personal attention” to his pet rabbit but quickly realized upon her arrival at the office that this was not the case. A black van spotted in the parking lot seemed ominous but was not given more attention until later in the day. Chris heading to art class didn’t expect to find himself seeing “moving people” in his textbook. Val returning home to find 3 strange beings waiting for her just outside the door moments later and a battle ensued. These strange creatures popped up in Sarah’s observation room, Q-B’s living room and a nearby classroom in Chris’s college hallway. Seemingly made of different common “materials” these creatures used strange mind altering attacks and super charged kinetic explosions to render two of the team unconscious. Sarah was than removed by the Faux Brian McArdle and taken to be prisoner of the Heximere dimension.

Suddenly another unforeseen event had Q-B on the run from a strange cube and roadside assistance. Once regrouped at Achaiah’s apartment Val was overtaken by the AI Gabriel, a nasty piece of work that jumped into her AI Avalon’s mind during the incident at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. Overcome she bolted in a fit of pure rage and was later found by Cosmos who followed out of concern. Saving a nosy reporter along the way. The day didn’t seem like it could become weirder but it surely did as Sarah emerged from a swirling water type portal in the center of the living room carpet. Ten years younger, improved in looks and it wasn’t until they returned to Q-B’s house that they learned that a “old hero” named Pulse who helped Achaiah escape Heximere had come through a swirling of his own on the snowy front lawn. Now in the wrong timeline, 10 years lost were gained. Achaiah’s change of “face” and Val’s loss of “privacy” at her old place forced both of them to move into Bishop Cottage. A new secure location for the team to plan their next moves. A meeting with Max Everson at a Jack Astor’s produced some answers and another meeting set up on January 30th on Masonforth Manor property. Val also has her own “special engagement” as the medical employee Diana Pierce as she must keep up “appearances” on her date with the billionaire Charles Tucker Masonforth the same night and same location seems to set a stage of sorts…


GMSmitty GMSmitty

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