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This is a repository for the adventure logs and characters of the three previous Mutants and Masterminds games that I have been the Father of ;)

Issue #1 "Things to Fill a “Dome” With" The Pilot Episode

Great Powers, Great Problems ! Ouch Ouch
Saturday, February 23rd 2027

A lonely clearing, covered with thick white snow and bordered by tall dark pines and spruce trees devoid of texture or substance. Standing amongst the center is a small gathering of individuals all but two of them are frozen in place as if time itself had stopped flowing. One woman and three men stand like living statues, while the two men who are able to move stop to take in their sudden surroundings. The man whom they both encountered minutes before in their perspective homes also stands here frozen. His pure white suit almost matching that of the snow itself, his eyes a reddish-pink color are devoid of pupils giving them a rabbit like quality. Clutched firmly in his frozen hand, a white porcelain and glass cane with a human face as the topper adds another level of oddness to his description. The first man who isn’t stuck in this weird stasis is of average height and build, sandy hair and scruffy face wearing street clothes and looking bewildered. Beside him a much heavier man wearing a full body black trench coat and old style fedora. He resembles a detective from the 1920’s in modern patterns and his face is completely hidden by a scarf and a set of over sized ski goggles. He has a much more tense posture as he looks at the man in white with building resentment. Taking some time to look around but still not talking to each other, the two men discovered some oddities about their environment. The snow although very realistic looking had a different texture and sound when walked upon. The air having no hint of the cold air that the heavy gray sky would signify as a mid winters day although breathable still had a very wrong quality. Talking among themselves, the two men exchanged mutual confusion as to their situation. David Worth the man in the coat and scarf, and David Marston unlikely allies decide to move about the clearing and investigate. Marston opting to expose his abilities to this stranger transformed into living electricity and floated upward to get a better view of the forest beyond. While David Worth grabbed a hold of the man in white raising him off the ground but even that didn’t force movement back into his body. Dropping him like a rag doll back to the ground his attention moved to the strange electrical being flying many feet above. Squinting his eyes and fixing his face with an angry expression he watched silently a strange ripple move across the air revealing an invisible dome shaped barrier, shimmering of many colors.

Marston having bumped into the dome now realizing they were actually trapped inside of this odd setting decided to return to the ground and to the frozen woman among the small crowd, his wife Nicole. Shifting back into human form and exchanging brief words with David Worth the two men began to move further into the center of the clearing and take a proactive approach as to figuring out just what the hell was going on. Suddenly an insubstantial human form began to rise out of the ground and shimmer from head to toe before becoming solid. Long, wildly styled dark hair with a white-gold stripe accented a human face and deep gray eyes. His goatee parted in the middle seemed to be held in place with invisible rubber bands, his clothing a dark green and blue felt like substance adorned with silver patterns twisted from some metallic wire. Upon his hands various square cut gemstones in circular and square patterns. Raising his hand in a halting gestures, he motioned to both Marston and Worth to not come any closer. Quickly he spoke but with purpose behind each word explaining to both men present that he was indeed responsible for their abduction but not in the interest of doing them any harm. Offering answers to the identity of the man in the white suit as a small clay figure he produced from the folds of his cloak and sent to deliver a location and retrieval spell. Introducing himself as Windem Haas, the closest approximation to his actual name in their english language.

Both men never having been exposed to actual magic watched with a mix of awe and confusion as Windem summoned an intricately carved oaken throne from the ground and took a seat. Something out of a children’s fantasy book. While speaking with the two gentlemen one of the four who had been previously frozen and unable to move slowly animated. Clad in a all black friction tank suit, partial mask and with two broken four leaf clover emblems on each shoulder, he looked more like a superhero then anyone present. Stopping to realize that the other sandy haired man frozen just in front of him was the very boxing opponent he grievously injured weeks before. An ill timed use of super strength had blasted the Australian boxer out of the ring and into a shocked first row of people. The memory still haunting him he pushed it out of his mind and focused on the situation at hand. Walking with super speed he joined the two David’s in mid conversation a strange looking individual. Introducing himself to Marston and Worth as “Black Irish” he was greeted by Windem and filled in quickly as to why they were brought to this clearing and as to why they were accompanied by people that they knew. Windem now taking a seat on a chair, his physical appearance having changed to that of a clean shaven man in blue jeans, black boots and a white t-shirt. Smoking a thick Cuban cigar and providing seats for those who would like to sit, only David Marston felt enough at ease to do so and drink a cup of coffee that appeared from thin air. Windem went on to illustrate that Powerful beings sought to find and contain or destroy if need by one of their exiled adversaries. Something akin to what humans were call gods or immortals of considerable power who resided outside of the grasp of time or the morality of good and evil. They gave certain freedoms to their creations and in doing so fostered the one aspect they themselves had never been privy too, that of greed and hunger for even more power and control. Now this entity they would only address as “The Entity” exceeded its grasp by absorbing too much astral energy and choosing this earth, this dimension known as the 3rd along with the confines of its physics had become devoid of physical body, only its powerful mind was left behind. The conscious mind falling like a meteor to the heart of Manhattan while the sub-conscious mind became a fixture of downtown Boston. Over time the mix of astral, potential, kinetic and atmospheric energy cultivated each section of the mind swirling into a funnel like vortex of opposite polarity. Those mortal human who were developing powers did so by some compatibility to these energy now forming a sort of airborne virus. The desire to expand and control still very much alive within the core ID and Ego of the entity itself. However a new force almost as old as Windem’s betters emerged now as well to take advantage of the new budding sentient life form as well as to infect those who met unknown variants.

Once Windem had finished talking and all the chairs were whisked away by means of magic the four walked back over to the frozen trio and before they could take a better look at the strange humanoid in the white suit he was folded into thin air by Windem and destroyed. Suddenly a new person appeared almost as soon as he had vanished, the former partner of David Worth, Sean Deegan. Thinking perhaps a trick or a phony, David examined him closely and realized it was indeed Sean probably taken mid sentence from the expression on his face. A small glass visor covering his right eye which would normally glow from data displayed on the microcomputers screen was also frozen as if time itself were halted. Windem was about to explain something further when suddenly there was a strange whooshing sound from beyond the place where Stanz and Nicole stood. Only Black Irish was aware that something was now present looking at a strange multicolored candle wax creature bearing his own face. It’s mass moving like slow melting occurred and small glops of its many colors spilling down to the feet where they quickly re-assimilated back into the host body. Suddenly its focus sent out a powerful telekinetic blast of energy that blindsided Windem Haas throwing him back a good twenty feet and rendering him unconscious upon the artificial snow like ground. Turning its attention to the three people still unmoving the creature made its intentions to capture them clear through forward motion and body language. It was met however by a number of strong facial punches by Black Irish landing some of his better shots, a couple of hammer like blows from David Worth succeeded in cracking the face in half like breaking a egg. Eyes growing from the end of two long tentacle like appendages deep inside the creatures throat were now knocked cross-eyed. Stunned by the fisticuffs onslaught a well timed blast of electrical energy from David Marston did enough damage to cause the attacking monster to explode throwing its colored goop into the faces of Black Irish and David Worth causing them to become disoriented. Suddenly Nicole, Sean and Stanz were now moving again and although just as startled, only Sean began to move about and pulled a modified energy pistol from the folds of his black flex-armor trench coat. Brandishing it out of fear and confusion even after David Worth identified himself to Sean and began to explain what was going on but upon his recovery from being knocked out, Windem seeing the remnants of the attacking creature felt it better to render the regular humans unconscious and they all fell softly to the ground. Before he could do much else a second creature appeared and this time went right for the three victims on the ground. Expanding three long pole like tentacles from its body to grab all three at once. Again Black Irish moved in to deliver some well timed knuckle sandwiches and some more electrical blasting destroyed the creature causing another shower of colorful sludge. Before the group could react the three limp bodies began to sink slowly into the ground as if it had become quicksand. Using his speed, Black Irish was able to grab them and with assistance from Worth and Marston stop their downward progression and pull them free. Windem hastily brought a gate like door made of black and brown oak from out of nowhere, a portal leading back to David Marston’s Brooklyn home, fleeing now all seven of them escaped the clearing and returned to the living room where David and Nicole had originally been taken from only moment earlier. Nicole and Stanz were the first two to wake up, Stanz confused and unaware that his last opponent was there in the room with him. Nicole frazzled talked with David Marston a bit and went into the kitchen to make food and to keep her hands busy. Marston, Irish, and Worth moved upstairs to a bedroom to talk in private and left Sean, Stanz and Windem in the living room. While talking about what had happened, about being sought out to help defend these people from a coming threat and about being super humans in general weren’t downstairs when Sean came to and freaked out again, fleeing the house. David Worth broke from the conversation and ran after him to confront him on the snowy sidewalk. Exchanging words briefly but to no avail, Sean fled on foot and David wondered just what he would do or say, who would believe him? Returning to the other two gentlemen and the house itself all were now in the living room. Windem produced an ornate looking wood and metal amulet with a thick green and gold gemstone in the center. Picking David Worth to carry it and explaining that he would be able to communicate with them via this method but the “when” wouldn’t be up to them. Smiling he simply faded into a sort of golden energy and spiraled briefly into thin air….gone.

Issue#2 “Portals, Powers and Petrification” The Cohesion Episode

The Neglected Hero Point! <sobs>

Leaving the house to pursue Sean Deegan, David Worth moved beyond the property to try and reason with his former partner and friend. David Marston aka “Megavolt” and Australian boxer Stanz Hickley maintained an awkward silence in his living room while his wife Nicole, surprisingly calm considering what had just transpired was preparing some food. Black Irish decided to take charge of his own food needs and make a sandwich. Using quickness to consume it, he returned to the living room as did Nicole. Carrying a tray of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk she placed it on the central table beside the sofa and took a seat. David addressed Stanz directly, he just sat in the corner of the room his pupils dilated, his gaze darting from side to side like some kinda of strange lizard. Shock apparently the culprit. David asking him who he was was met by a sudden reaction as Stanz stood up and raised his hands in a defensive boxing stance. Frantically asking where he was and how he got there, seemingly have no memory of the events prior. Claiming that one moment he was in his own house and now in this one, Stanz opted to bolt for the back door instead of confronting the two strangers, seeing how they were probably to blame for his being moved from one place to the other. David and Black didn’t make motions to stop his retreat and instead just decided to let him go. Nicole, knowing that her husband has abilities that relate to the use of and transformation into electricity was less shocked at the bizarre. Asking Black Irish what his own abilities were she watched as he clumsily lifted David off the floor with one arm and looped the room a few times in a reduced amount of super speed giving Nicole a demonstration. Returning a slightly jarred David to his original position, Black moved off to the side. Nicole stood up from her seat and moved closer to the dining room opting to stand. David felt a sudden warmth against his upper chest as the amulet he had received from Windem Haas began to become gradually warmer.
Pulling it free from the confines of his shirt he covered it with his hand to gauge the amount of warmth it was emulating. Slowly it began to give off a faint light, turning it flat on his palm he raised it to his eyes to examine the change. Deep within the depths of the greenish-gold stone a small flicker of light in the form of a small ball began to rotate counter clockwise. Transfixed on the light, David was unaware of movement beyond the window. Looking now the amulet light began to grow in intensity and then stop. Black Irish not looking around but instead staring at David and the amulet wasn’t aware that something had changed outside until David looked out the window. Encircling the house a semi transparent, bubble like force field had engulfed this side of the house. David alerted Black of the change as he crossed the room and looked out the east window to see if the shield had risen on that side as well. What he discovered was the Aussie boxer trapped in a personal bubble in front of the larger bubble surrounding the house. Moving to the kitchen he now saw that the bubble had caused damage to the back wall having appeared too close and cracking the mortar and siding. Flustered by this occurrence, David returned to the living room in time to hear a strange sound from the second floor of the house. Black followed him upstairs to investigate. Meanwhile, Nicole Marston who was again sitting on the sofa stood up and walked into the dining room and outside through the side door to the yard beyond. Moving upstairs to investigate the sounds, David and Black Irish searched room to room until stopping at the master bedroom. Roughly 6 feet in height and four feet across a strange energy ripple replaced the queen size bed. Emanating from the colorful energy which seemed like some type of portal like anomaly was a strange rumbling sound. Black decided it was a good idea to revisit the hallway and see if anything else could be discovered. Walking beyond the entrance to the master bedroom he was shocked to find Wes’s wife Nicole floating several inches above the floor her hair several shades darker and her eyes glowing a bright white in color. Joined by David the two men were stunned in unison when She slowly sank into the floor entering an insubstantial state leaving them alone upstairs.

Hearing a sound from down stairs echoed through the amulet he now posses, David moved down the stairs to find his wife located in the dining room. Her clothing having completely changed now, instead of the white blouse, blue jeans and green sneakers now replaced with pointed black knee high boots, black and purple gown and darker hair streaked with an off white highlight. The intensity of her eyes changing from a subtle yellow glow to a deeper white. A sobbing like gesture on her face was made even more strange when there was no crying sound to accompany it. David turned to exit the house and to take a closer look at the force bubble around the house, pressing on it the form gives slightly similar to pushing on a beach ball. While outside checking things out, Black Irish is engaged by Nicole’s alternate form and a strange mind attack gives him the sense that he is turning to stone although not visually. David moving upstairs from the front yard to check on the anomaly finds it has disappeared and the bed has been returned as if it were never gone. Searching the other rooms he seems uninterested in the figure of Stanz now standing inside of his home office. Dressed in black and purple clothing, eyes glowing very similar to Nicole’s. Running downstairs he was shocked to discover that Black Irish was stuck in the suspended animation similar to the field where they had first met. Tapping his shoulder and verbally shouting to see if he could speak, David realized now that his wife was the cause. Suddenly Nicole moves beside David before he can realize she traveled, asking her if she was okay was met with a mocking tone asking the same thing. David moved into the kitchen to find the anomaly engaging his electro-magnetic force shield as he went. While there he was unaware of the energy transference that was occurring in the living room. Light from Nicole’s eyes flowed like a snake into Black’s and his powers were stripped. David opting to see if the portal / anomaly could be disrupted or stopped experimented on shooting it with electricity. To no avail however when the lightning bolt was simply absorbed having no effect. Perplexed by this he moved back into the living room to find Black Irish has become a stone statue. Her eyes normal now, but a deep shade of violet, engage David’s as he enters the room. Inquiring what has happened to Black, Nicole suddenly moves with super speed in front of David and after informing him that Black will be “sleeping for a long time, because She has his powers” She suddenly strikes David with a punch to the face. Knocking him backward into the dining room table flat on his back. Stunned by the temporary blow, David can hear her chuckling but Black hears a creepy lullaby type gibberish in his mind. Recovering now, David rushes into the room to grab a hold of Black, his amulet starts to flap wildly upon his chest as if being tugged. The anomaly that was seen in the master bedroom and the kitchen is now here in the living room. Nicole, using super speed (compliments of Black Irish) moves like a blur into the portal here and is gone.
While touching the stone form of Black, David is able to speak with telepathy to Black and is yelled at by an angry plead to “find his “bitch” wife and kick her ass for stealing his powers” Confused as to how to help, Stanz comes downstairs now floating a few inches off of the ground and after a brief exchange of dialogue, mostly David asking who he is and what’s happened to his wife. He is met with no clear answers, only to follow. Using some type of telekinesis power, Stanz flings the stone statue of Black Irish into the portal / anomaly and then enters it himself. Little choice but to follow, Megavolt enters as well and is transported suddenly to a open area within a vast, snow covered forest. Stanz no where to be found, he begins to move forward and using his alternate form of electricity he rises above the tree line to get a better vantage point. Spotting the stone form of Black Irish, laid down in the snow as if discarded he is then aware of Nicole standing just off the to the side. When he begins to descend to engage her and gets some answers, she uses super speed to run the opposite direction. Flying after her proves taxing as he is not able to maintain her speed. Being led into a little loop, David was aware that he was being toyed with. Returning to the original location where Black was lying on the snow, he landed and returned to human form. Nicole was back as well about twenty feet away and as the snow began to fall a small wind blew in the trees.

Issue# 3 “They Came from Beyond the Free Weights” The Making Friends Episode

Smoke em’ if you got em’

Starting off a normal day off in the busy life of a budding young actor hopeful, Hunter Adams opens his door to find a flier tacked to it. A new gym has just opened its doors within walking distance, several days earlier. One of the many responsibilities of an actor of any level, from commercials on television people hardly remember to actual movies, is looking good. Hunter proceeds to pack his workout clothing and heads down Stone Avenue to the advertised location. Upon arriving he checks out some of the personal trainers and various machines scattered around the brightly lit one level room. Penny a young girl working the front desk arranged to have one of her newer trainers, Evelyn Fox give Hunter the five cent tour and a free demonstration. They seemed to have instant rapport with one another and became engrossed in their conversation, not paying much attention to the happenings around them. Nearby, a plasma television which usually displayed membership information and videos of people working out at the facility but having its volume turned all the way down the change of image over to a local news reporter and a new york city street covered in a thick, dark purple smoke caught the young Penny’s attention. Searching the front desk station for the ipad that controlled most of the building and hydro-cell-tronic devices, her attention was pulled in the direction of the south wall and the large glass window leading to an alley way in the back. Thick purple smoke drifted slowly along the edges of the glass and began pooling on the pavement below, slowly rising up the center of the window in two wavy lines it spread silently into an oval type formation and then subtle breaks in the smoke etched rough featured lines from what daylight spilled through the gaps. Penny watched this transpire wordlessly, as what started as a whisper filling her mind became a clear and potent male voice enticing her to move closer to the window. Transfixed like a moth to a candles flame, she went unobserved to the glass stopping a few feet from the window. Falling out of its pattern back into the thick layer of smoke on the ground. Penny’s mind became a buzz with a strange feeling of familiarity listening to the whispered phrases in a language her conscious mind didn’t comprehend.

Having touched the volume delay on the ipad before her strange trip began in front of the large south window, the television volume resumed and filled the room with the sound of a news report taking place. Evelyn was the first to notice the sound and looked over to see what they were talking about, Hunter remained unaware a few moments longer before turning his head in that direction as well. A young woman, perhaps in her thirties wearing a purple and black blouse, skirt and jacket was reporting about a strange being hovering over a Manhattan street, dark purple smoke flowing like water through a garden hose was quickly engulfing the street with its silent expanse. The background beyond the young reporter was becoming filled with large black vehicles with green and yellow lights. R.E.A.C.H. Personnel carriers, hum-v hydro’s and black and green patrol cars were jamming the street creating a natural roadblock to cars and blocking the view of the people gathered at the end of the block who were trying to get a better look at what was going on. Evelyn turned her attention from the plasma display to Penny and the strange purple smoke beyond. It was clear that the woman was acting strangely, as her left leg and arm would twitch periodically. Moving away from the workout equipment and Hunter, she walked over to get a closer look at the smoke and Penny. Hunter followed suit and they both investigated the smoke beyond the glass. Evelyn used her ability to read minds to peer into Penny’s to see what was going on. Locked in some type of looping image of a middle aged man with grey, black and white hair speaking a string of what seemed like jibberish, Evelyn could tell that Penny knew this man or at least he was familiar. Pulling out and staring at Penny for what seemed longer then it actually was, Penny remained unmoving until She suddenly snapped out of the trance she was experiencing. Evelyn and Hunter had fixed their attention on her and hadn’t noticed immediately that the other gym patrons were now gone. The sudden clang of dropped equipment and hum of abandoned machinery still running without its users caught the attention of all three of them. Turning around it was then that they saw a large gaping black hole in the floor, ripped right into the carpeting and foundation as if the very fabric of reality had been torn back. Other then the sound of the television, a strange silence filled the room. Evelyn, Hunter and Penny began to move toward the back of the gym floor to search for a way out.


Colin woke up slowly, his eyes straining for mere seconds seemed to pass like minutes as his mind became fully awake. Realizing first that he was lying in a bed inside a plainly decorated motel type room wasn’t as disconcerting as finding himself in his lucky shamrock boxer shorts, his suit and mask removed from his person. Looking out of the windows at the other side of the room, it looked like it was possibly night time. Getting up from the bed and walking over to a small oak dresser he found his suit and much to his relief when he moved with quickness to get dressed as he usually did his abilities were back where they belonged. The last fresh memory he had was being drained of his abilities in David Marston’s living room. Moving over to look out the windows properly, he realized that a large sign installed too closely to the building had cast a dark enough shadow to mimic night time, it was in fact somewhat sunny except for the obscuring purple smoke lingering across along the alleyway below. Somewhat disturbed by this he decided to move out into the hallway and see if he could find his way out of this building. It wasn’t till he reached the end of the hallway that he realized the exit door was actually fake, perhaps done with some kind of paint. Walking down the hallway back to the room he was just occupying, he stopped when he saw a dark shadow of a figure standing just inside the doorway. Using caution and stealth, he moved slowly toward the door but before he could fully enter the room a familiar face met his gaze. Windem Haas stood just inside the room close to the doorway, wearing a black and dark gray padded shirt made of some type of thick hem

His usual human hair was now replaced with a thick rope like quality thread but this detail wasn’t immediately apparent to Colin who’s mind was still muddled. He explained that Colin had been here all along since the snowy field where they had first met. That another version of Black Irish was the one trapped in stone now and that they were both being hunted by sinister forces. He further explained that the dark purple smoke that now engulfed most of the streets below was put in place to help hide them. Colin began to have doubts about this man standing before him, perhaps the focus of years of boxing had given him the ability to read the subtle changes in facial expression when a person was being dishonest. Looking closely now he realized the difference in hair wasn’t partial but indeed one hundred percent of the hair was now rope. Realizing its deception had been broken, the false Windem shifted suddenly into a terrible form its evil stare startling Colin into taking a step backward.


The creature that emerged from the tear in the gym flooring startled the trio into moving back toward the rear of the room, but Penny who was closest to it became its primary focus. Standing almost six and half feet tall, its thin dark purple and black body was gangly and stretched over a thick network of multiple spine and rib type bones. Arms impossibly elongated reached down to the floor the backside of the claw laden hands just touching the carpet, worst of its features of its strange mouth pulled wider at the bottom and top pulled back to reveal an uneven wave of jagged fangs and teeth. Looking like they were created by break glass and methodically placing them in some strange order. Penny partially stunned by fear of the creature failed to move as quickly as Hunter and Evelyn, who were almost already to the end of the room when a strange green protrusion slid forth from the creatures mouth like a wadded mass of jungle vines slowly pulling themselves up from its throat. Stepping forward to bridge the gap between its mouth and its quarry, the dark skinned demonic fiend successfully launched its strange mouth tentacles outward and like a frog catching a fly, ensnared Penny’s throat and immediately some type of skin to appendage toxin was released to begin the short process of paralyzing its victim. Evelyn was first to use her abilities openly out of fear for Penny’s life but her attempts to strike the creature with nearby free weights through telekinesis came up short on more then one occasion. Hunter too planned on using his own unique abilities as well to combat the creature and save the young woman’s life but first he moved into a nearby changing area in the back corner of the room to mask his physical shift into The Cosmic Cowboy. Penny was dragged in toward the creatures mouth like a fish on a hook and while it elongated its strange lips to accept her body whole and devour her the creature was un-phased by a blast of cosmic energy that Hunter managed to emit from his hands and straight into the creatures mouth. Something about the strange dark matter inside absorbed the powers destructive quality. Another free weight was hurled at the creatures head by Evelyn but it too wasn’t able to do much harm as it missed by mere inches and landed on the floor a few feet beyond. Penny who was fully paralyzed was dragged fully inside the creatures body so quickly that the moments that followed before She was fully ejected back outward to a standing position. Evelyn and Hunter were stunned to see that not only had she been returned from being almost eaten but the strange tongue like appendage was removed without any trace of being there. Shifting almost as quickly as they could stop to take notice of what had just happened, Penny became dressed suddenly in a thick leathery type body suit made of dark red, gold and orange colored swatches, her hair a short blond was now a thick and full head of dark red hair and she wore a type of gold mask that seemed like the sort one would see at a masquerade ball. The anger in her eyes was not visible to anyone but the strange creature before her as she struck out and placed her hand on the side of its elongated head. Whatever means of attack however didn’t fully process and the creature was unharmed. There seemed to be a strange interaction between the two of them now.

(A room very close)

The dark skinned creature with elongated arms, jagged glass like teeth and demonic yellow eyes had taken Windem’s guise but poorly copied it. Before it could get a chance to lunge at Colin and attack the Irish fighter used his super speed, quickness and enhanced muscle mass to lift up the bed, frame and all and begin to pummel the monster into the floor. Although it wasn’t taking any significant damage it was unable to stand upright and being knocked flatter then a dime had taken away its ability to use its arms at all. The punishing attack soon broke the bed frame and with several mighty final blows, the being was knocked unconscious and quickly melted into a thick pool of black acidic ooze. Colin turned to spot a strange dark hole ripped into the rooms floor that hadn’t been there a moment before. Trying to find his way out via the hallway he soon realized that the only way out would be either through the window and into the unknown purple smoke or through the hole in the floor. Looking first he was able to see what looked like a ceiling with blue-gold lighting instead of the floor of a room below him. Taking a leap of faith he jumped in to the unknown gap expecting to upward he instead lept out to find himself standing inside of an exercise gym. Spotting first another dark creature with its back to his position, facing a woman with red hair and dressed similarly to himself in some type of super costume he wasn’t immediately aware of the other woman in the background. Picking up a nearby dumbbell he rushed forward and smashed the back of the things head with enough force to break its cranium in several places and drop it to the floor into a pile of bubbling acid like goo

It’s fume were beginning to rise and affect the woman still standing there, a strangely vacant look in her eye was unnoticed by Colin who was now aware of a brown haired woman and a red haired man in a cowboy hat who were watching from the back of the gym. Using his quickness he attempted to encircle the fumes and dissipated them but some of them were blown directly into the woman’s general area and in turn caused her to pass out from the putrid smell. Hunter and Evelyn moved closer to check on the status of this new woman’s health. Looking over her condition, Evelyn used her special healing abilities to recover the woman and help her regain consciousness. Colin moved away to remain closer to the hole that he had come out of not saying much. Hunter looked over the scene, looked at Colin and asked who he was and after seeing the designs of broken shamrocks on his shoulders the nickname “Black Irish” made a bit more sense. Standing up, Penny thanked Black Irish and Evelyn for their aid but quickly turned her attention to Hunter Adams, who had shifted back to his actor persona. She flirted a bit with him and with gloved hands made a point of feeling up his biceps while expressing her thoughts on his most recent commercial ad for hemorrhoid removal laser technology. Penny displayed her abilities to control limited elements and to deliver elemental attacks via touch to Hunter who seemed vaguely interested. Attention of almost any form helped him shake off some of the stress and of course being part of such a well known commercial was the other factor. Evelyn smiled at Black Irish, he had been pretty heroic and they exchanged some words before Hunter and Penny joined in and they asked each other about the smoke and what was going on. Colin wanted to say more but instead he took out a green/gold amulet from his pocket and put it on. Not knowing these people and not knowing what to believe where Windem Haas was concerned, he kept a lot of recent info to himself. The four of them decided to find a way out of the main floor and while searching near the main entrance, Evelyn was the first to become aware that a woman in modern breathing mask and three large framed men in black swat police suits were attempting to enter the gym via the side doors. They were visible on the security screen near the wall just in the gap between the purple smoke and the door. Alerting the rest of the room, Hunter quickly suggested that they find a way to the roof top and perhaps above the smoke, but definitely away from the people trying to enter the building. He was well aware that R.E.A.C.H was on the scene via the earlier news broadcast and wanted nothing to do with them. After some looking around they came to the conclusion that they would have to re-enter the tear in the floor and return to the other room beyond. The hole had doubled in size while they weren’t looking as if inviting them to do so. Colin assured them that it led to a second floor on the street, perhaps another building but one that had smoke only partly up to the window view meaning that the roof above would have to be clear of the stuff.

Jumping in one at a time they came out in the room where Colin had awoken and Hunter asked what had happened to the bed. Colin sheepishly reported that he had used it to beat the “tar” literally out of the monster that had attacked them in the gym and his quick action had defeated it. Going first, Colin followed by Evelyn, Hunter and Penny moved along the hallway cautiously in a single file line till they reached the end. The door that wasn’t there earlier or was perhaps just painted on was now intact and it led to a stairwell leading up to the roofto

Once at the top the doorway led them to a small rooftop foyer before the main door moved out on the roof itself. Looking out, Evelyn was the first to look out and see it was now nighttime. It didn’t occur to her to realize that what seemed like hours had become at least ten. Braving the unknown, she moved out into the cold air of the night and poorly lit conditions of the roof itself. Colin, Penny and Hunter followed but Hunter switched to The Cosmic Cowboy before doing so. Once out on the rooftop they were able to see that the dark purple smoke was about as high as the roof obscuring the view downward. Visible now was the figure of a person floating above the smoke about two hundred feet off the north edge of the roof. Along the corners of the four points of the roof gold/purple lighting had activated perhaps having some timer or switch been set off. Evelyn moved closer to the edge of the roof and attempted to read the figures mind but it failed. Moving closer to the roof slowly, he spoke in soft deep tones admonishing her for trying to read a person’s mind without as much as a hello first. Coming into visual range now, Colin was the only person to truly recognize Windem Haas and his hands balled into fists. Floating to the center of the roof in insubstantial form, Windem greeted Colin first and then turned his attention on the remaining people standing there and without words Penny walked toward him and then turned to face Evelyn, Colin and Cosmic/Hunter before dropping her tense and confused expression into a more sinister smirk of successfully completing some task. Commenting now to Windem that she had done as he commanded her and brought these fools to the roof, she began to activate her elemental abilities to attack the group but was abruptly halted by a wave of Windem’s gloved hand. Suddenly her body went rigid from head to toe very similar to what Colin had seen on the snowy field happen to his former fight opponent and David Marston’s wife Nicole. Floating closer now to the group, his face took on a less threatening expression and he calmly asked for a simple action. If they were to surrender their abilities to him without incident he would let them live. Colin was first to scoff at this and told Windem that any trust he had toward the man was now gone. Windem seemed unphased by the rebuttal and waited for someone to move forward and offer their powers. Colin decided instead to speed over to the nearby door and remove it from its hinges, hurling it at Penny while she was incapacitated. It struck her side and caused her to weaken her, she wasn’t able to launch her attack as a follow up blast of cosmic energy from The Cowboy struck her as well. Windem with a mere wave of his hand rendered her immobile and some type of energy streamed out of her body and into his open palm. It was Colin who realized that Windem was using her as a vessel to absorb powers and draw their energy of them into himself. His insubstantial form wore off now though either as a side effect or just luck. Colin took the opportunity to speed over to a lighting fixture that wasn’t fully obscured by the purple smoke and to throw it at Windem’s fat head. Unfortunately, the attack missed and the light smashed harmlessly to the roofto

Evelyn took the opportunity to use her telekinesis to fling the fixture at Windem and it struck the back of his head squarely, angered he shifted his form back to insubstantial and moved closer to attack the minds of all three of them. Cowboy was first to notice the distinct whooshing sound and through the memories he had access to that they belonged to a helicopter. Suddenly the smoke began to brush backward from the downward draft of a strong wind and several men clad in black and green military style outfits began to descend on zip lines. Hunter/Cowboy announced in a panic edged voice “R.E.A.C.H. !” and used his cosmic abilities to teleport away carried all the way back to the gym out of a boost of adrenaline. A second helicopter flew over head and Colin tried to grab Evelyn and super speed them both back to the hole but he wasn’t able to do so and found himself back in the gym with Hunter/Cowboy. Evelyn ran down the stairway and then the hallway and back to the mysterious hole before jumping in and joining the other two men. The three of them now could visibly see that R.E.A.C.H was just about to break into the far window. Moving through the glass of the southern pane where Penny stood earlier, they ran into the alleyway and only stopped once they were out on the back street beyond. The place swarmed with various S.W.A.T and military style vehicles and the only clear path left west toward an opening into Central Park. Fleeing unseen down to the park itself, they paused just inside the first forested area and stopped short of a strange oval portal floating a few feet above the grass. Colin had seen this before in the Marston’s home. Pausing they crouched down and listened to hear if they had been followed, they hadn’t been…

Issue # 4 "The “Too” Many Faces of Windem Haas" The Segway Episode

Ragdolls all over the place

A brief feeling of disorientation plagued David’s mind but it was soon replaced with a clear head. Staring across the snowy forest at the woman who might be his wife in a new look, or perhaps in a new body. Her hair was darker now, her usual look of knit blouse, sweater and jeans was replaced now by a dark gold and black body suit, black filament leather jacket with long trails down to the snow and high back neck of 4-5 inches of metal like fringe. Staring over at the statue of Black Irish, his mind was still trying to process all of what had happened. Suddenly a surge of activity in his throat like having to vomit overtook him, it passed though almost as quickly leaving only the taste of coffee in his mouth. Recalling that when he first met Windem Haas on the snowy forest he had some when offered. Looking back now at the woman and statue before him, suddenly a cracking noise over took the air and the statue fell to many pieces all of a sudden. Before David could even gasp, it was visually clear that it was empty and that Colin/Black Irish was gone from inside. Looking back in the direction of the woman who may of just caused this to happen, David was instead looking at Nicole’s face. The outfit and hair hadn’t changed much but the face was definitely that of his wife. Wordlessly She conveyed with her eyes the strain and energy if took for her to control this strange body, lashing out suddenly a wave of invisible energy struck David’s chest pushing him back into the open portal a good ten feet behind. He found himself thrust through a brief corridor of strange lights and then back standing inside his living room. Disoriented for a moment as to what just happened and if the action against him was by Nicole or the strange person she had become. He didn’t focus on the surroundings right away or the noises from beyond the walls.

Looking around the room the first thing he noticed was that the entryway to the dining room had completely become blocked by rubble but not from the floor above. The kitchen had been smashed inward by the force bubble surrounding the house. The strange aspect to the damage was that it only seemed to affect the lower floor as the upper floor was fully intact. David gave each room a quick search to see if he could locate anyone, possibly Colin but came up empty. The house was empty. Returning from the second floor to the living room again, David paused to notice that the portal had shifted from a green/blue/gold colored mass to a darker shade of blue and gold. Suddenly the incorporeal form of a figure began to rise from the carpeted floors around the same place where the statue of Black Irish had once stood. Taking form and shape till solidified, David was relieved to see it was Windem Haas. He opened his closed eyes and looked around the room and then at David, meeting his perplexed expression with one of his own. Asking what had happened here and where the others were, David filled in the blanks the best he could. He didn’t notice that Windem seemed to be looking around the room between questions as if to confirm what was being said. Satisfied that David knew nothing and that they were truly alone here inside the house, Windem sent a mental signal into the swirling portal and suddenly a dark skinned creature came forth. Slick black skin, elongated arms with upturned wrist so the back of its long three fingered hands met the floor face up were as strange as its misshapen mouth and neck. Mouth full of jagged teeth and dark red eyes. David felt a sickening wave of tension run over his body, not having much of a fighting background he hoped his abilities would be enough to contend with this threat. Windem’s reaction to the creature was less surprise and more frustration. David looked at the portal wondering if he could just enter it fast and escape but a strange red hued energy was now blocking the front barring any passage, like a blood red piece of glass. Backing up away from the creature and Windem, David engaged his personal electromagnetic shield and shifted his body from solid flesh to living electricity. He asked Windem if he knew what this creature was and what they should do, it was then the disconnected expression on Windem’s face changed to that of a strange glare. He mocked the question and made a point of letting David know there was no “we” in this situation. He could do things the easy or the hard way, surrender his abilities and the creature would do no harm, otherwise they would be taken from him by force. Confusion washed over David like a showers water that had become suddenly ice cold. Taking the initiative to attack both the creature and Windem at once, he emitted his ionic field stunning the creature but passing harmlessly through Windem’s incorporeal form. Taking the opportunity to attack the stunned creature again, he landed a devastating blast of lightning on the creatures chest and it was blasted into a oozing pile of acidic sludge on the carpet. Windem was furious now and took solid form to engage David himself. Commenting as much. Using an unseen force he lifted the pile of acidic ooze from the floor and flung it at David only for it to miss and splatter against the wall behind him, damaging the wallpaper and drywall badly. Frustrated even more so, he tried to outright cancel out David’s powers, hence returning him to his solid human state but it backfired through some strange miscalculation and engulfed Windem in its intent. His body shifted to a sickly, average looking man who seemed unable to do much. David decided to use his spark flash power to blind the new and improved Windem Haas but its power was so great that it burned deeply into his eyes and sent the frail looking man to the carpet in a thump, the body going fully stiff upon landing. The dark burn marks where eyes would be seemed to indicate the man was dead.

The sounds of sirens and movement from beyond the front wall over took David’s staggering mind at the events that had just played out. Going to the front door he returned to his human form and opened it and stepped out onto the front porch. The bubble like force field had clarified slightly and he was able to make out a group of men in black swat or military style uniforms staring back at him. The one in front not wearing a helmet, his blond-white hair cut in a sharp flattop was holding up a paper with digits written on it and his pointing to his ear. David fished out his own cell phone, and was relived to find it still working after all the portal hopping. Calling the number displayed on the digital pad, he was greeted by a strong voice asking his name and the situation within the household, among other questions about the force field and its origin and a rather direct jab his way about being the one responsible. David shot back that he was not aware of it, that he had recently met a strange man who might be to blame but might also now be dead. The man who hadn’t identified himself yet was cut off as David walked back into the house and the force bubble interfered with the call. David walked back inside, ignoring the damage and the burnt body on the floor he took a chance and walked into the portal. The strange glass like shield was gone and he walked through without incident. He emerged to find himself back outside in the snowy forest, standing there was Black Irish very much un-petrified and two other people who were caught in that strange suspended animation. Happy to see at least one familiar face, he got a quick catching up by Black as to the events that had happened at a nearby gym.

“Meanwhile” The large energy bubble that engulfed the Marston residence now dissipated and the small group of armed R.E.A.C.H. soldiers headed up by the blond haired team leader moved cautiously through the unlocked front door and into the living room. The leader was the first to see the glowing portal and he tensed from head to toe, not wanting to convey this pang of apprehension to his men he gave strong hand gestures for them to move into securing formation about the room. All the men were gawking now a the portal and one of them stopped to bend down and check the body lying near the edge of the room. Figuring out it was just a very lifelike looking ragdoll, he noticed that its eyes were replaced with the image of two burn marks. Team lead moved over to observe the body and signaled two men to take it back out to the main force. Taking point, he moved toward the portal cautiously and probing it with his scanners, was unable to get any type of feasible reading. Looking back, he told two of his men to wait 5 minutes and then to enter if he wasn’t back by then. If they weren’t back in ten minutes the main force should quarantine the house. Walking through with trepidation he expected this to be the last move he would ever make.

Black Irish and Megavolt were talking about what had happened and David was surprised to find out that they were still in New York, Central Park to be exact. He told him who the two frozen people were but it was a mystery to Colin just why they were in this state now. David was first to spot the man from the front of his home step through the portal, his rifle in the fire position and his eyes now covered by a dark grey visor. Black Irish noticing that David was looking past him, turned around to see a guy resembling the R.E.A.C.H. soldiers was now standing there. He identified himself as Damian Webster, R.E.A.C.H. Affiliated Team Leader of their ground unit for strange occurrences. Looking them over like he would be buying them at auction, Damian asked about the condition of the man and woman behind them. David did most of the talking. He explained that the man here in the black suit was an ally called Black Irish and that the other two people were victims of the incident that happened over at the Gym in the upper west side of the city. Damian didn’t mention the gym to them so it was clear that David was telling the truth about the incident. Asking if they would be forthright about their abilities and what exactly was going on, and if he could use his technology in the visor he wore to scan them both, Damian took a step forward. Colin was a bit of a smart ass in his reply and this instantly caused the hairs on the back of Damian’s neck to rise. Please do this the hard way punk, was the thought going through his head. David agreed and was read first. Damian classified him as a level 3, whatever that was and that his abilities were potentially deadly but manageable. Seeing images of special rubber synthetics on his visor as a possible means of containment he didn’t let on that the read out was showing him how to take these two weirdos out if need be. His scan of Black Irish came up with a level 4 classification, super speed and strength and the suggestion of an anti-gravity chamber with limited oxygen levels was the first suggestion. David filled in the blanks a bit more for Damian, explaining that this Windem Haas character had approached them through a summoning of sorts. Doing a security level 5 internet search for the name Windem Haas only brought back a few hits. There was a brief mention of a “unsanctioned” boxing match that took place a few months prior between an Irish and Australian boxer. The anagram for Windem Haas, William Demhaas, the name of the promoter and manager of the Australian fighter seemed either coincidence until the photo was shown to Black Irish and David and Black admitted to being the Irish boxer mentioned. While Damian and Colin spoke a strange beep started to emit from David’s cellular link phone. The auto GPS from his wife Nicole’s cell phone was showing up only two hundred feet away or so. Stepping through the portal, two soldiers appeared and seemed ready to fire their rifles but Damian gave them a hand signal to stand down and they took statue like poses whilst looking over the group before them uneasily.

David mentioned the signal was his phone picking up his wife’s cell phone and he walked over to where the blip sat stationary. Picking it up he spent a few moments trying to recall her passkey and they unlocking the phone he retrieved a waiting text message that had been sent from the phone itself to the same number. The message from someone named Kimber Lee, stated that it would be in his best interest as his allies to come to Chatasitic, Connecticut an obscure town close to the Massachusetts border. The note inferred that it his wife Nicole and Stanz Hickley the Australian boxer were being held there and to come within the next 24 hours if they wanted to see them again. Sharing this information with Colin and Damian Webster, David felt his heart rise a bit to see that his wife might still be ok. Damian offered to transport them all to this town the following day. They would be safer in a vehicle that had its own defenses and some anti-energy tech to impede people with abilities from the outside of course. He also mentioned that if they were truly the “Good” guys that they might help R.E.A.C.H. after this was concluded with the apprehension of two very nasty super criminals who had caused them a lot of grief. The first man called himself Scarlet Foxx, he was a weapon summoner and expert of all if touched long enough. The other a dwarf with psychic abilities who calls himself The Mental Midget. A very powerful empath with the ability to re-write the recent memory of those his power affects. Damian promised them a lot of cash and full repairs of David’s home in Brooklyn in return. David and Colin agreed to help but only after some trust had been built up between them. Damian Webster shook their hands and the two groups parted. Someplace nearby a figure watched the group….


“Days of Shade and Sunlight” Premise

The Days of Shade and Sunlight chronicles the uneasy union between three overlaying realities created by a strange and unknown event centuries ago. Three similar realities once alternate to each other became merged and in special places one could travel between them. Currently the year is 2010 and the focus setting is Toronto, Canada. Originally the world was composed of just one reality where science and technology were the “magic” of the days and powers were more of influence and financial in nature. During the Autumn of 1996 a second reality temporarily bled into the first and people discovered a hollow version of the city lied beyond its gaps. This place a “Shadow Toronto” was inhabited by a new breed of humankind which possessed strange abilities and at times variations of physical form. These “Mutants” moved into the mainstream world and despite years of animosity and segregation were slowly removed as an uneasy truce was formed. People without powers seemed for the most part put off by their current governing bodies allowing the mutants to live freely without monitoring their abilities. The mutants tired of persecution decided to move out of the public eye and into private locations within the main and “Shadow Plane” version of Toronto as they were able to traverse freely from one reality to the next. The reality strained even more so when the third one suddenly bled into both the first and the second one late in the Winter of 2008. The people who emerged from this rift were strangely dressed and with them the discovery of the ways of magic was born.

There are some who wonder why there has to be any animosity at all seeing how the overlaying realities keep from bleeding into each other and life seems to go on as usual. They have formed a Faction composed of members of all three groups (normal, mutant and magic) and have taken the name “The Dreamers” The second Faction which is also made up of representatives from all three realities think it would be wise to find a way to close off contact and unhinge the realities so they might become independent worlds once more. Calling themselves “The Midnight Hour” they have an ongoing debate with the first faction. The third and last faction has become an underground movement that exists in all three realities. The mutant underground believes it would be better to seal away the magical reality while the “Runic Wanderers” of the Normal side feel that both Mutants and Magic should be removed. The last being a magical coo that seeks to take over first the magical reality and then banish the other two wants a direct war to begin that would separate the weak from the strong. These various third factions are not public knowledge, at least not yet..

The year now is 2010, November and early Winter. Those who use magic have returned to their own reality, known as the “Sunlit Toronto” which can only be accessed at certain places and times. Strangely some dream of this world to wake inside it and they are soon adept to the magical side of things. Those who reside in the first reality or the “Shaded Toronto” have come to either accept these changes or fear and mistrust them. Sometime during the Summer month of 2010 a strange woman appeared in the city offering those who would seek Her out the ability to become fully protected from the direct abilities of both the mutant and magic using effects of powers. They were marked with multicolored runes on their bodies that would alter their auras and cause their physical bodies to become ethereal when attacked. They were given intricate runes of the palms and back of hands that would link them to each other through telepathy. Most died in days having rejected the changes while those who embraced it walked away from their lives and families to explore the other realities with almost a cavalier mind state. Though they found despite being immune to attack they were not able to attack first and any chance of forming a militant uprising was soon abandoned.

The story begins November 12th, two mutants and one man of the magical arts have been invited to a secret location for a secretive interview, one that will change their lives and perhaps reveal the deeper truths of The Days of Shade and Sunlight…

“Toronto 2011” Premise

The pre-dawn hours of Friday, January 18th 2011 would usher upon the present world a very different revelation than those of the prior two years time. There were so many different experts, theologists, drug store prophets and street corner doomsayers professing that the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st 2010 would be a “significant” date in the history of humanity. It’s come and gone over a year now and all of the collective babble, back talk and late night radio chatter have seemingly brought nothing of the sort to the solitary planet Earth. Many who believed things would end with chaos and destruction lost their money and savings in elaborate schemes promising them a “place” in underground bunkers and safe houses within the penthouses of the very rich. Times may change but people do not and even in the face of a looming “Age of Enlightenment” many were reminded of their own ignorance and were lost in obscurity. There were few new age type people who gained minor reputation for their near accurate predictions that nothing new would come of the Mayan calendar ending.

There was one Canadian author by the name of Leo M. Danforth who wrote a very gripping piece of literature in early 2010 called “The Mayan Gift” This novel outlined a very real manifestation of an object of immense power being delivered to humanity on that fateful night of December 21st, 11:38 PM but the exact location was undefined. The book spent a good deal of it’s 17 Chapters doing a back story on the Mayan culture and although many of the newspaper critics mocked the book for being “just another money making ploy” Leo himself appeared relentlessly on television talk shows and Larry King to discuss his own vivid “prophetic dreams” that this object was definitely coming and the world would be changed forever upon it’s return. The enigmatic author would draw a lot of attention to his novel and bring its status into the bestseller venue in a manner of weeks. People want to believe in something and if you give them enough doubt against the truth they will come around to your way of thinking. In the last week of December. the 21st, was a mixture of tension, fear, and anticipation. When the date arrived and nothing seemed to change, nor the next day, nor the next weeks ahead there was no more rush to the book stores and Leo M. Danforth vanished into obscurity. The book has since moved to the back shelves of the store. Time seems to have brought with its tide something only of in the imagination of one man.

Good Morning, It’s January 2011 and a year has passed. You awake in your bed on this new day feeling a bit drained and groggy. The dream you just drifted out of was intense and felt perhaps like more than just “a dream” Lucidity poured from every fiber of the imagery and the scene you beheld was something most disturbing. You awake now, shaken from the image of a sky scrapper reduced to piles of broken stone and glass, twisted steel framework and fallen debris which seems to bury not only police vehicles but the police as well as you spot an hat here, a blue uniformed shirt stained with blood there. Many of the people who were gathered before this particular building are now also buried beneath this fallen giant. You see a dirty red balloon floating lazily upon bitter air it’s small owner lost to the devastation before you. Then you see a figure standing atop the only level part of this edifice that still stands. The face, a mirror reflecting the destruction below and his cloak of darkest blue flutters in the flurries of snow that drift past. This figure motions to you with hands outstretched in cased in metal beckoning you to come…come to this place…awaken…..and as you do and you find it is Friday, January the 18th 2011..6:25 am. and outside your bedroom window lazy snowflakes begin to fall…..

GMScotch's *Archive of the Past*